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  Who We Are & What We Do BICA Services is a private company with more than 8 years of experience in compliance, staffing outsourcing, HR administration and contractors management services, providing workforce and administrative solutions to: International and local client organizations Management agencies Independent contractors and employees We are partnering with leading management agencies and companies in the ICT and Energy sectors and today our contractors management solutions cover 60+ countries worldwide. Simplicity, persistence and attention to detail describe the way we work and communicate, and this is what you see when we deliver. BICA Services is part of the BICA Family – a group of companies providing fund management, project and asset management and government relations services in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors in Central and Eastern Europe.   Our Goals Recruit and retain the best – Our people are talented, enthusiastic, self- starters, team players who are bursting with potential Talk straight – When we talk, it’s open, regular, honest, constructive two-way communication between our people and our clients Empower and trust – We encourage a sense of ownership and pride by giving responsibility and delegating authority Continuously grow and improve – We have an environment that respects the individual, rewards achievements, welcomes change and encourages a lifetime of learning – with ourselves and our clients Have fun and celebrate – There is never a wrong time to celebrate and have fun – recognizing, appreciating, acknowledging and learning from the experiences and success shared between our client and our teams   How We Do It Simplicity, Persistence and Attention to Detail We believe that results can only happen through simple, powerful solutions. Simplicity, persistence and attention to detail describe the way we work and communicate, and this is what you see when we deliver. Focus on the Final Result Being result-oriented, our mission is to be comfortably useful. This means that any client, investor or partner will get a peace of mind that he is understood and serviced in a convenient manner, without unnecessary words or slogans. We strongly discourage any display of ideology and welcome sensible and focused business actions. BICA’s quality of service is continuously improved trough our own actions and control – we may consider a qualified partner but will never outsource.



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